Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

Spencer, you're 8 months old and what an absolute joy you are! You are one smiley little boy and on the move...yep, you started crawling on your 7 month birthday, sigh. You're in full swing now and have even been trying to pull up on things lately. I keep telling you to stop....take it easy, there's no need to rush into all this activity. But just like your aren't listening!
You've also become more of a food fan and although you still adore the bottle, you think this stuff on a spoon has its perks. So far you've had: squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, applesauce, bananas, peaches and pears. Honestly, the two that give you the food shivers are green beans and pears, it's funny to watch. But you have yet to reject anything, so we'll see.
One nickname you've earned is "Handsy" because you are a grabber...of everything! You are constantly pulling hair, jewelry and you love to grab faces, lips, cheeks, necks. It's like having a baby kitten with all your scratching.
Things you love:
--Anything paper or plastic that makes a crinkling sound
--Bath time: you love to splash, splash, splash
--Being tickled: you laugh all. the. time. And we LOVE it!
--Your Thumb: no comment....
Not such a fan of:
--Nose sucker: you get anywhere near it and lose your mind.
--Certain men: if you are startled by certain men, you will make the biggest pouty lip face, EVER. It's so cute, yet sad. We've yet to catch it on film because it's quite elusive. You've done it to Grandpa, Papa and your cousin Stephen, to name a few. It's just such a departure from your happy, chill nature it makes everyone around you laugh...although we know we shouldn't.

Gosh, we adore you so are such a precious gift from God. You make my heart smile, kid.

You love your cousin Austin

Your first pumpkin patch...I couldn't get that thumb out of your mouth!

You loved your first trip to the Arboretum

The famous pumpkin hat your Grandma made

Handsome boys!

8 Month picture with Gordo

Your 1st time eating cereal...not too sure about it

Your fan club: Aunt Freida and cousin Katy

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