Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toddler Tornado Class

My gym offered a "Toddler Tornado" class this fall and the name is spot on! Because when you put toddlers in an open gym, with balls...a tornado ensues. Miss Regina did such a wonderful job with the kids, but I now know that my child has zero concept of waiting in line for your turn and following instructions for an obstacle course or any other course for that matter. Sigh...we'll get there some day but that won't stop me from trying! Enjoy!

Dancing with streamers

Nothing says fun like a streamer hat!

How Marshall spent a majority of the classes...chasing balls.

Pure unadulterated joy

Going through the obstacle course tunnel

These two videos do a perfect job of capturing Marshall at this age, just living the dream and dancing!

Monday, October 25, 2010

18 Months

Our little guy is 1.5 years old and we just can't believe it! He continues to make us laugh and keep us on our toes. He still gravitates to animals more than anything else and loves to make their sounds...but if there's uncertainty about the sound it makes, a growl usually suffices. We took a trip to the zoo last week with Creighton's family and he had a great time, although the squirrels running around and all the acorns on the ground were maybe a little more exciting to him. More pictures from that trip to come later.

His vocabulary is growing with each day, I admit I probably understand him more since I'm around him the most. But the constant jabbering is just classic and hilarious to listen to, such inflection and passion...if only we knew what he was saying! I think the funniest is when he says a "p" word he says it in a whisper...because he thinks it's funny and he knows he'll get a laugh. Every time he says Papa or Piper it has to be quiet enough to hear him...just adorable!

Dislikes...first, the boy that would eat anything is getting a little pickier these days. It's any one's guess which vegetable he'll eat each day. I think it's part age and part boredom, but it's keeping me on my toes. Second, not getting picked up from the church nursery first. He really gets beside himself if we're delayed and other kids leave before him, poor guy. Third is hitting...this is more of a mommy dislike, but Marshall's hitting problem is rearing it's ugly head again. Because his vocabulary is limited I think he feels like hitting will help get his point across that he no longer wants to do something or doesn't want to do what you're asking him to do and it's little bit of a temper tantrum. Regardless, it's not fun and I've really been struggling with how to react properly when a child's slapping hand is coming at your face. Lots of prayer, scripture memory, patience and discipline have been my go to's. But I'm hoping this phase is short lived.

Likes...first, shoes! He loves to say and wear shoes, he's like his Papa and Grandpa and likes to wear shoes when he's inside the house. He gets very mad when you try and take them off. Second, is dancing...this boy can boogie! I have tons of video I need to post of Marshall cutting a rug...the slightest music anywhere, even in a commercial on TV will send him into a dancing bounce. You cannot help but smile when you're watching him and he has no shame...the world is his dance floor! Third, is throwing...anything he can get his hands on. We're working real hard to teach him that he can only throw balls...but that rule is often broken. The baseball park across the street just opened and we went to watch a game and he's been imitating the pitcher ever since. He's got a pretty good arm...but beware he doesn't always throw straight. Aim is always TBD!

We love you little man, you mean the world to us!

18Mo Stats: (he's still a bean pole with a pea head!) :)
Height: 32-7/8" - 75%
Weight: 23lb14oz - 25%
Head: 18-1/4" - 15%

Hangin' with cousin Austin

Too busy playing around to pose

Can we talk about how tall he's getting!?!

Playing around at the park

Gana and Papa with the grand kids

Wrestling with Papa