Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dallas Blooms

Yesterday our playgroup went to the Arboretum to enjoy Dallas Blooms and their special "Mommy & Me" day. Our group didn't really partake in the scheduled activities, but we found a great tree and had a wonderful afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather and the fabulous scenery. Since Marshall is walking these days I shot a little video of him walking through the grass on his hunt for little sticks. He's not a fan of actually looking at the camera when there's so much to see around him. Let's face it, I'm boring since he looks at me all day! So I got some really nice profile shots! :)

Our little boy is turning one in a week and two days, so we're in party planning mode. I can't believe it's already been a year since we brought our sweet baby home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. What a blessing he has been! Such a tremendous example of God's goodness and faithfulness.

(If you can't view the video from email, visit the actual blog)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

11 Months

"Red" as his father refers to him is now just one month away from being a year old...crazy! The past month has been an exciting one now that Marshall is attempting to walk. He's taking a couple of steps here and there, but just gets too excited and starts waving his arms in the air. This inevitably causes him to fall since he's not too sturdy in his stance. But it's been fun to watch him figure this whole walking thing out. It's still faster for him to crawl to what he needs, so the transition to walking seems to be slow. (Please note: Mom isn't complaining!)

He also has not one, but TWO teeth! The second tooth quickly followed the first and he seems a little more angry about this one than the first so that's been fun!?! Still haven't been able to get a picture of the elusive teeth, he's constantly got his finger or tongue covering them. Some day...

Above all I'm so thankful for the little personality that's emerging with every day. Marshall is a very friendly baby. He'll go to anyone that wants to hold him with no reservation...even the security guard at "The Dump" furniture store...no kidding. He loves being in the church nursery and gets giddy excited when he sees the sweet woman that greets him at the Wednesday bible study nursery. Never once has he cried when we've dropped him off. As a mother, I am beyond thankful to the Lord for that one! As his grandmother reminds me, Marshall's spunkiness definitely comes from me, since Creighton was terribly shy as a baby and child.

But let's be real here, our sweet boy isn't always so sweet. Marshall is a toy stealer and a bruiser! Creighton and I have witnessed it first hand when we're serving in the nursery. That boy can steal a toy from an unsuspecting child in no time. (The song "Swiper no swiping!" from Dora the Explorer starts playing in my head.) So learning to share is at the top of our parenting list. But the one thing above sharing on that list is teaching gentleness. Yep, my son is a hitter...of other children, our dog and especially mommy's face! I'm not a big fan of people hitting my face, so this has been a good lesson in parenting for me and how not to react when your child comes swinging at you. But regardless of these little personality quirks, he is wonderfully and perfectly made. And still loves to snuggle with his mom, cheek to cheek! Just precious....

Our little bath monster

Love me some broccoli

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sleepy Bear

These pictures were taken back in January when out church had a carnival to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. The carnival happened to fall during Marshall's 2nd nap time so we threw caution to the wind and decided we would brave the world sans nap. Marshall did great as always, there were too many things to see and people to watch for him to realize he was sleepy. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with our community group and Jeff Burd took a couple of shots of Marshall.
We got home around 7pm and Marshall was still hanging in there...a little punchy but to be expected. Since he usually goes to bed at 8pm, we decided to keep him up a little longer and put him in his bouncer while we ate dinner. He loves his bouncer, he's constantly jumping or swaying side to side and this time was no different. If he's not bouncing he's banging on the various toys surrounding it...it's not a quiet experience!
So about half-way through dinner it gets quiet, which as a parent you know when it gets quiet something is up! So we looked over and this is what we found...

Sweet baby had rocked himself to sleep! Thankfully he was crashed when we got him out and into his pjs. He went right to sleep when we got him into his crib. We love our little sleepy bear!