Tuesday, February 8, 2011

22 Months

Our little boy just continues to grow into a fun little kid with lots of energy and tons of laughs! I can't believe there are only 2 more months until he's two!?! Here are a couple of things he's up to these days...

Talking - still not putting two words together, but his vocabulary has recently exploded and he adds new words each day like: various numbers and letters, "hewwoah" aka hello, "odee" aka open, car, hiding, color, paint, spoon, fork, eat, sit, show and see. He does a great job of accenting the "t" for words that end in "t", very cute!

Getting into Trouble - I always know Marshall's up to something when it gets too quiet. It usually means he's hiding with an item he's not supposed to have. I need to take a picture of him because he does the same thing every time...laying flat on the floor with the object tucked under his body. He's either in dad's side of the closet or in the front living room wedged behind the chair and the wall. Which is why he knows the word "hiding"...it happens a lot!

Love for all things with wheels - When we go to get him out of bed every morning, the 3rd word out of his mouth every time (after "momma" and "dada") is cars...like clockwork! It's all he thinks about and typically he's always holding at least one at all times, most of the time it's up to 4. Currently he's fond of the matchbox blue bus (which is actually a police inmate transport vehicle, it says so on the side, we can thank Aunt Betsy for that one!)

The twos are quickly approaching and he shows us a glimpse of that little 2-year old will every now and then, it ain't pretty folks...should be fun! We love you boo-boo!    

Playing in the first snow of 2011 - more pics to come of the 2nd snow of 2011, sigh.

Don't tell his Dr., it was only a matter of time before Mr. Potato Head's ears made it into Marshall's!

We took at family trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and it was fabulous! Marshall had a great time and didn't have time for looking at camera's...too much to see!

A day in the life...the car in hand, goggles, beads and bear slippers are a daily accessory around here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling Fenced In...

Everyone in our house is feeling a little fenced in with all this ice...literally! Thankfully we haven't experienced any power outages, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.