Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Change

So far 2009 has been the year of change for the Uphues household. We've had a baby, Creighton got a new job and I resigned from mine. We sure have had a big hearty helping of change this year...and it's just July!

Marshall is 14 weeks old and just continues to make us laugh on a daily basis. He's found his voice this week, so he loves to squeal and screech when he's hanging out on the floor with his toys. I think he's talking to the fan, telling it to slow down...but that's just me.

Today Marshall and I went to the Galleria to play at the indoor playground with Miss Ashley and William. Ashley is in our church community group and recently became a stay-at-home earlier this year. William is 18-months and a little cutie-pie. He loves to look at baby Marshall, but I think Marshall loves to watch him play more.

Then we were off to visit Gi-Gi and G-Pa (Creighton's grandparents). Marshall was on his best behavior and we have a wonderful visit!