Monday, April 23, 2012

Look who's 3!!!

Dear Marshall,
My baby is 3, how did this happen!?! What a fun year it's been watching you become a "big boy" and soak up the world around you with such gumption! As I'm typing this, I realize how busy we've been and how little I've blogged about all the hilarity that's been going on around here. Your personality is HUGE and there's no holding back all that energy. We love it!

Things you LOVE: playing rough with Daddy, all things Batman, anything with wheels (you typically like to ask each vehicle's make and model), and lots and lots of snuggles!

Not such a fan of: sleeping without your paci (you gave it up on your own, but you are still sad about your decision), love food but would prefer one of your five food groups of burgers, pizza, PB&J, corn dogs and dinner food, not so much!

Sweet son, you are truly a joy! Spencer is two months old and your love and affection for him is growing by the minute. It's so sweet to see you together, the sweet voice and faces you make while talking to him and telling him that's he's "so cute!" I can not wait to see how much fun y'all will have together. We love you dearly!

Mommy and Daddy

The first of many mud puddles found at the farm, which lead to your first front yard hose bath!

With Auntie Vicki

Hanging at the Arboretum with Camryn and friends


You take egg dyeing very seriously

One of your most beloved gifts from Aunt Leslie & Uncle Adam

Blowing out the candles on your birthday "dirt cake with worms!" 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spencer - 2 months old

Dear Spencer,
You are 2 months old and what a fun 2 months it's been! Your little personality has been coming out over the last couple weeks and we are just smitten with you. You are a very friendly little boy (friendlier than your brother at this age) giving adorable smiles and coos to anyone that stops to smile at you.

Things you love - eating and sleeping (you've been sleeping through the night for a week now), baths and snuggling like a tree frog on anyone's chest. You definitely prefer to be upright than cradled in someone's arms.

Not such a fan of - gas (which you kinda have a lot), stop lights - you want the car to GO! and laying flat on your back. (Bad parenting confession, you've slept in the swing every night since you've come don't need it to swing, you just like it's snugly cocoon factor.)

You went to the Dr and here are your stats, you are definitely following your brother as a big Uphues boy!

Weight: 13lb 8oz - 90% (you gained 2 lbs in a month!?!)
Height: 24.5" - 90%
Head: 15-3/4" - 50%

What a little blessing you are! It's been fun navigating our world with two little boys. Your big brother just adores you and can. not. WAIT. until you can do more than just lay around, get ready! You make this mamma's heart smile!

Monthly picture with Gordo the Gorilla - it's a love/hate relationship right now.

Hanging out with Gana

LOVE those cheeks!

The Uphues Boys