Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Spencer!

Happy 1st birthday sweet baby boy! What a fun year it's been! You are truly a delight to everyone you meet and its your mission to win them over with your big smile. every. time! I haven't done the best job of sending out updates for the past couple months, so here's a little recap of all your milestones along the way.

9 months:
-Your first sound/word was "Mama" and I actually got it on video to prove to your Daddy!
-Still not a huge fan of food and textures, you have a big gag factor so finger foods are your enemy. But you hold your bottle all by yourself, which we love!!!
Dr. stats:
Weight: 18.6lb - 20%
Height: 28.5" - 75%
Head: 17.5" - 25%

10 months:
-You started saying more sounds like "Da-da", "ba-ba"
-Still prefer your bottle over food, any kind of food...we haven't really found any that you're super jazzed about. You eat any kind of fruit in baby food form, veggies & meat depend on the weather. :)
-You are crawling super fast and standing and cruising around more.
-You still love baths, being tickled, laughing and tussling with your dad & Marshall.
-Your favorite way to snuggle is cheek to cheek with you mommy, it's my favorite time of the day!

11 months:
-Your first tooth came in this month, actually two at the same time....finally! The second one was impatient since the first one took forever.
-Right after your teeth came in, the following week was a biggie for you. All in one week you started clapping, standing independently from a sitting position and saying "uh-oh"...a big week for your brain!

12 months:
--I've started calling you Bird because you are quite the picky eater, you don't have much of an appetite for anything AND you love the two most prominent watering holes in our home - Maggie's water bowl and the toilets! Yep, that's right, you're THAT kid...the one that plays in pottys. YUCK! You love water so much you obviously don't care where you find it. I've found you multiple times having a ball in an unflushed toilet. Ever since, our entire family is constantly checking to make sure the toilet seats are down and doors are closed. I really hope you grow out of this phase soon!
--Back to the definitely turned a corner within the last week and have started enjoying more finger foods. Until then you were content to continue eating baby food and drinking your bottle. At this point, the only thing we've found that you love so much you eat more than 5 bites are pigs-in-a-blanket, YUM!
--I'm sad to say you definitely got your father's immune system, sigh. You've been sick this first year of life far more than your brother ever was. You've been quite snotty for the past 6 months and have had two ear infections. But it doesn't seem to affect your mood, you're still happy all. the. time!
--That thumb of yours...yup, you still adore it. It's a permanent fixture in your mouth but it does make you sleep like a champ! We NEVER have to go in your room at night, you have slept through the night without a peep ever since we put you in your room at 3 months old. We know it's that thumb of yours we have to thank so I will give credit where credit's due. You are currently sleeping 12 hrs a night and take two naps a like your sleep!
--You aren't walking yet, but you actually took a couple of steps towards Daddy on your own the day after your birthday, very exciting!
--Here are the "words" you're saying so far: Mama, Dada, Baba, Uh-oh, Na-Na (for night-night), you are also great at signing "all done"
--You absolutely ADORE your big brother and he's pretty smitten with you! He calls you baby Fencer and is quick to introduce you to anyone we meet. You play really well together and you constantly crack each other up. We pray it stays this way!

Dr. stats:
Weight: 20.8lb - 20%
Height: 30-3/4" - 75%
Head: 18-1/8" - 40%

Spencer Craig, we love you and adore you with all our hearts! We are so blessed the Lord put you into our care and we're excited to see the little man you become and all the joy you will bring to this world. You make our hearts smile and we constantly pray you will become a courageous man of God. We love you to the moon and back!

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love."
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Mom, Dad and Marshall

Just an average day in a dog crate with your brother...

"Mom, I'm so glad this is my last picture with Gordo!"

Enjoying your 1st piece of cake on your actual birthday, in your grandpa's high chair.

Checking out your 1st snow.

Having a ball at your party, thanks Miss Betsy for the delicious cake!

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