Tuesday, June 21, 2011

San Antonio Trip

Ahhhh, the Texas Hill Country...one of our favorite places in The Lone Star State. We thought it was only fitting to take Marshall to San Antonio for a little family vacation to begin his love affair of these beautiful hills...and cedar trees!?! We stayed at the beautiful La Cantera Resort and loved every minute of it...such a fabulous hotel with such nice people. The kiddie pool was perfect for hours of fun and mommy enjoyed the outdoor yoga classes.

Marshall enjoying the view from our hotel
 We planned a nice mixture of seeing the sights and relaxing so our first outing was a day downtown at the Riverwalk, El Mercado and the Alamo...or as Marshall likes to say, "Aa-dee-mo." The riverwalk was the perfect place for a professional boat and duck spotter...and weren't we lucky to have one with us! He just thought it was the coolest, as did I when I was younger and I'm happy to say it hasn't lost its charm.

No time for smiling when there's boats and ducks around!

So many friendly people offered to take our picture at the Riverwalk, but you can't be picky in haste...hence, the closed eyes! 

Creighton & Marshall on the bridge (don't know why blogger flips the pic, sorry)

At the Aa-dee-mo!!!
We enjoyed tons of great Tex-Mex when we were there, but there was one place I had my sights on the entire time and that's Po-Po's! It's in Welfare, TX outside of Boerne and it has some of the best chicken fried steak I've ever eaten! Not only is their food awesome, but the building itself has tons of history and it's literally oozing with "decor."

I feel as though Dixie should be playing in the background as you read this. :)

Did I mention decor...good thing there are no earthquakes in Welfare, TX!?!

If you ask Marshall what his favorite part of San Antonio was, he'll tell you the zoo! It was a wonderful end to our trip and we can't wait to go back in years to come!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

For Memorial Day my family decided to enjoy a Rough Riders baseball game in Frisco...it seemed like the all-American thing to do! We weren't quite sure how our toddler would do, but it turns out watching baseball puts our son in a trance. He absolutely LOVES to play baseball at home, but seeing the big boys play just took it to another level.

Top 3 highlights of our experience were...
1) Austin getting picked to run in a little relay race on the field. (video below)
2) Meeting the mascots Deuce and Daisy....Marshall still talks about them dancing and being funny.
3) Marshall almost caught his first fly ball*
*Read as, we almost had a near death experience when a fly ball landed a foot away from his head, as the adults were scrambling to try and catch it from it's crazy high drop from the sky.

Marshall had such a blast that we'll definitely be heading back there more often!

The Fam

He came up with a couple of different seating arrangements.

Watching baseball with Papa

SO excited to give Daisy a high-five. We met Deuce on our way out.

This is a video of Austin's relay race...probably not too exciting for anyone to watch other than family! :)