Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Heart the Pool!

We've had a fun summer so far since Marshall is all about water these days. We've visited my sister's and Grandma's pool, as well as a local spray park with the playgroup. We start swim lessons next week so I can't wait to see how our little fish does. Here are a couple of pictures of our past water outings.

Playing in Mia's frog pool with Raylee and Piper in the back. Mia was feeling a little cramped. :)

In the kiddie pool at Grandma's community pool!

His favorite spot was standing by the edge so he could play with his toys.

At the Spray Park with Playgroup (I was too busy chasing him to get more pictures!)

Playing with cups that he had absconded from some helpless children...sigh.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You wanna do what!?!

So for those of you that don't husband is a powerlifter. Meaning he doesn't just lift heavy things like, he competitively lifts a bar with heavy weights for the pure enjoyment of it all. I often feel like I'm having an out of body experience when I tell others about his new hobby. Because most people ask me to repeat my statement knowing my tall, lanky husband doesn't fit the type.

I feel like I must explain a little about my sweet husband Creighton in order for you to truly understand this powerlifting decision. Don't let the quiet, funny type fool you...Creighton is all boy in his desire to compete and conquer. He's passionate like no one I've ever met and is "all in" when he commits to something. Which is something I love about him!

The good news is I knew this going into the relationship since he boxed in college and did jiu-jitsu early in our marriage. Most men run marathons, my husband likes to get a little rowdy when he's burning off steam. I think it helps keep him balanced since he's a much happier man when he's training for something.

So when he told me he wanted to compete in a powerlifting competition in Tyler, I knew things would get interesting. Hours upon hours of researching online and reading books titled, The Strongest Shall Survive, Starting Strength (sixty, yes sixty stimulating pages on proper squatting) and Practical Programming for Strength Training over and over again. Sigh.

It wasn't even all the gallons of milk he was drinking, daily. It was the attire that threw me over the edge! Ladies, you've never lived until you've seen the love of your life in a singlet, weight lifting belt, lifting shoes and tube still my heart. (Please note, there is a HUGE difference between powerlifting and body building...think more Olympic weightlifters less Arnold Schwarzenegger striking a pose.)

Last weekend was the big meet in Tyler and I could not have been more proud of Creighton, he did amazingly well! He competed in 3 events: squats, deadlift and bench press. I've included 2 short videos of his final squat and deadlift for your viewing pleasure! (The meet was held in the Quality Inn ballroom, hence the fancy lighting...I couldn't make this stuff up!)

Creighton's best lifts...
Squats - 402 lbs
Bench Press - 265 lbs
Deadlift - 435 lbs



Jeff and Molly from our Community Group came from Dallas to cheer him on and even made T-shirts! Thanks guys!!!

That's C.U. Smile! (I love a good double entendre!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Farm - 5/13

In May the playgroup took at trip to the Owen's Farm here in Richardson. Back in the day it was a real working farm where the Owen's family (as in Owen's sausage) started their business of raising pigs etc. There's still a working plant there, so the farm is more for show. We met our lovely tour guide Joe who is the main worker on the farm and was less than excited about his job of touring around moms and their kiddos, but he warmed up to us in the end!

The trip started with some goat feeding...and those billies are rather snarky when it comes to sharing feed. It's definitely survival of the fittest and you learn real quick the bullies in the pin. But they were all very sweet with the kids and with this being their first experience with goats, they didn't quite know what to think of those bearded 4-legged creatures.

Okay...Marshall's hat is a little too big, so it has affectionately been named "the sombrero" by his playgroup friends.

This is what it looked like when your hand was full of feed.

Sweet Mia was dressed in her farm attire...jeans, bandanna top and daisy headband! But she wasn't afraid of those goats, like her mom! ;)
I promise there's a child underneath that hat!

Next was the hay ride around the pond to see the geese and mini ponies!

Crikey, are we in the outback!?! (Or as Creighton would say, "A dingo ate my baby!")
The infamous "group shot"

We ended with a tour of the farm and some lunch by the stables. We saw their famous antique Owen's carriages, horses, lots of chickens and mini ponies. We even got to plant some pumpkin seeds and see one of the goose eggs hatch! Gotta love a day at the farm!
(A BIG thanks to Whitney and Michele for all the pictures...momma forget her camera, ugh!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

14 Months

Marshall's 14 months old and just continues to melt our hearts with his spunk and tenacity! There's one thing for sure...he's not a shy child. When people come by to visit, he instantly throws his arms up to be held by them, even total strangers! Last month we had a short stint of separation anxiety when we would drop him off at the church nursery, but that seems to have passed.

Marshall is a busy boy with lots of places to go and a dog to torment. He's taken to reclining on Maggie and she's not a fan...but he's as persistent to sit on her as she is to change locations so it can be entertaining to watch. He also thinks it's fun to give and receive kisses from her. Since he's an open mouth kisser, Maggie thinks he wants to eat her she nervously licks his face and the cycle of hilarity begins!

He's not quite running, but has mastered his speed walking technique (pumping or throwing up the arms is essential to increasing his speed.) Everything is a game of chase with this if you convince him to come to you he gets close enough to do a fake out right before you can grab him. If he already gets this concept now, I'm not looking forward to the future! Last week he started scooting this big truck around the living room, it's a jerky scoot but it gets him where he needs to go.

It's such a joy to see his little spongy mind taking everything in. He still only says Da-da and Ya-ya (which is his version of mom), but can bark when we ask what a dog says and we're working on uh-ooh. He can point out his head, ears and sometimes nose. But one day that spongy mind is going to release vocabulary like a flood and we can't wait!

Marshall still LOVES books, balls, dancing, eating and sleeping. (We're still taking 2 naps a day.) Being outside is quickly rising to the top...loves him some dirt! We're taking swim lessons next month so that should be entertaining. My sister moved in down the street and they have a pool, so we'll be practicing the back stroke in no time! ;)

My dear playgroup friend, Whitney, took these pictures for his 1st birthday. They are fabulous! She captured his personality at this stage perfectly. Thanks Whitney!