Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 8 Months!

Spencer, you're 8 months old and what an absolute joy you are! You are one smiley little boy and on the move...yep, you started crawling on your 7 month birthday, sigh. You're in full swing now and have even been trying to pull up on things lately. I keep telling you to stop....take it easy, there's no need to rush into all this activity. But just like your aren't listening!
You've also become more of a food fan and although you still adore the bottle, you think this stuff on a spoon has its perks. So far you've had: squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, applesauce, bananas, peaches and pears. Honestly, the two that give you the food shivers are green beans and pears, it's funny to watch. But you have yet to reject anything, so we'll see.
One nickname you've earned is "Handsy" because you are a grabber...of everything! You are constantly pulling hair, jewelry and you love to grab faces, lips, cheeks, necks. It's like having a baby kitten with all your scratching.
Things you love:
--Anything paper or plastic that makes a crinkling sound
--Bath time: you love to splash, splash, splash
--Being tickled: you laugh all. the. time. And we LOVE it!
--Your Thumb: no comment....
Not such a fan of:
--Nose sucker: you get anywhere near it and lose your mind.
--Certain men: if you are startled by certain men, you will make the biggest pouty lip face, EVER. It's so cute, yet sad. We've yet to catch it on film because it's quite elusive. You've done it to Grandpa, Papa and your cousin Stephen, to name a few. It's just such a departure from your happy, chill nature it makes everyone around you laugh...although we know we shouldn't.

Gosh, we adore you so are such a precious gift from God. You make my heart smile, kid.

You love your cousin Austin

Your first pumpkin patch...I couldn't get that thumb out of your mouth!

You loved your first trip to the Arboretum

The famous pumpkin hat your Grandma made

Handsome boys!

8 Month picture with Gordo

Your 1st time eating cereal...not too sure about it

Your fan club: Aunt Freida and cousin Katy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Spencer!

Happy 1/2 birthday, sweet baby boy! Ever since we had your brother, I realized that 6 months is one of my favorite baby milestones because from here on out, it just gets more fun with each day...and you are no exception! Your personality is in full swing and you are one happy little boy! You are busy and have become very aware of your world, like when mommy leaves the room or you aren't near the dinner table when we're eating. You demand to be included and are happy to see when mommy comes back.

We had your 6 month check-up and here's your stats:
Weight: 17.7lb - 50%
Height: 27-7/8" - 90%
Head: 17" - 35%

Eating - you eat four times a day and are still breastfeeding, but we introduced formula last month since your appetite far surpasses your mama's supply. You took to it like a champ and now you enjoy both.

You had the pleasure of spending a long weekend just with your daddy, while I went on a girls trip to Destin and you brother stayed with Gana and Papa for a little bit. It was a good time for you to bond with your daddy and he reaped the fruits of your sleepiness. :)

I took this right before I left for Destin, melt my heart...

You and Marshall are starting to interact much more, you think he's hysterical!

You still love your thumb, even if your paci gets stuck in it

My boys

You got to meet your Uncle Adam for the 1st time last month, you would drool right on cue!
Christmas in July with your penguin jammies!

6 month pic with Gordo

You are up on your knees all the time and it sends your mother into a panic - STOP IT!! I fear we will have another early crawler, sigh.

busy, busy, busy

Spencer, you bring us tremendous joy and we just adore your easy, friendly nature! It's a pleasure to be your mommy and I am so thankful for a happy, healthy little make my heart smile!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Before the summer slips away, I wanted to post a couple of "firsts" Marshall has experienced in his short 3 year life!

Potty training! He did great thanks to the "3-Day Potty Training Method"

First time hanging a shelf with daddy

His first "last day of school" - he LOVES Ms. Jackie!

And ADORES Ms. Lucy!

First time learning how to catch a baby frog

and how to let them go...

This wasn't his 1st Smore, but just too cute to pass up!

First time playing with sparklers

First time to stay up and watch the July 4th fireworks (with our community group friends)

The kids were in awe of the fireworks
(Andi, Camryn, Marshall & Allie)

It's been an amazing summer and we're excited about getting back to the school year schedule. Marshall will be going to Mothers Day Out 2 days a week this year and will begin the children's program at Watermark during my women's bible study. I can't wait to see how much he learns and grows, sweet little boy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Spencer - 5 months old!

Five months old, already!!! You look so grown up with more hair coming in and your chubby cheeks disappearing, so sad! I want time to slow down so I can soak in your babyness...a mom can dream!

When you're playing, you prefer to stay on your tummy these days and take in the world. You can roll onto your stomach both ways, but haven't quite mastered getting to your back again. The way you occasionally move your feet and knees in this position make me realize we are on borrowed time. You'll probably be crawling in a month or two like your brother...I need a moment....

You smile all. the. time. It's a true joy to anyone you just beam at them like they are your new best friend. It's precious! You love to laugh and your brother can really get you going anytime he comes near. You are crazy ticklish, and the laughs that come from it melt our hearts. The absolute joy and ease that you possess are sweet treasures to us.

Things you like...anything that crackles, sleep, your thumb, Maggie and being outside.
Things you don't like...being startled (you are kinda jumpy,) dirty diapers and being hungry.

This past month you got to meet your Uncle Andy for the first time, sorry I didn't get a picture. But you gave him the crazy infant "no blinking stare" that he loves to was obviously love at first sight! You get to meet your Uncle Adam for the first time this week, I know he's really excited about all your drool. :)

5 month pic with Gordo

Mom, should I be snuggling with this gorilla?

My little mini-me

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spencer's 4 months old

You're 4 months old and things are starting to get more fun in your world! A couple of things have happened in the last found your feet, your voice and you rolled over for the first time!

You are a little smitten with your feet! Every time you catch a glimpse of them you either start panting or "clucking" as you reach for are a man on a mission. You've also become quite the screamer whether you are happy or sad. It's funny to see you find your range and sometimes you surprise yourself with how loud you can squeal. So cute...for now.

You rolled over for the first time at 3.5 months when we were out at the farm house with Gana and Papa. You were on the floor and we were all busy painting the living room when Papa found you on your tummy. We rolled you back onto your back and you quickly rolled to your tummy from your left side. Initially you weren't too thrilled with your new position, but you've been doing well with tummy time ever since. The little play mat is one of your favorite spots and you are quite the aggressive grabber of what's near by...a toy, someone's face, hair, etc.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all this thumb sucking!?! It makes your mama crazy!

Your 4 month stats (basically the exact same as your brother at this age, crazy!)
Weight: 15lb 13oz - 75%
Height: 25-3/4" - 80%
Head: 16-3/8" - 30%

We love you buddy!

4 month picture for Gordo

"Look how much I've grown!"

Zoos make me sleepy...

Your usual position...thumb in mouth, cuddling a blanket, sigh.

An action shot after you rolled over for the first time, just a little stressed out!

Friday, May 18, 2012

3 months old

Mr. Spencer,
Well, look who's 3 months old!?! My how you've don't have a well baby appt so I don't have any stat updates, but I know you're growing because you can't wear any of the 0-3 month stuff anymore, tear.

You are still sleeping like a champ, you're up to 12 hours a night 8am-8pm. This makes your daddy VERY happy! We also transitioned you out of sleeping in the swing at night and now you're sleeping in your crib for naps and nighttime! You have started tracking everyone in the room much more and your brother is always your favorite target! You always give him big smiles and a few chuckles. When you laugh it literally fills my heart, so adorable!!! You are definitely a social butterfly, always asking to be in the middle of things. We sit you in the bumbo seat on top of the kitchen table when we eat and you are in heaven, smiling at everyone and watching how this whole eating thing works. Speaking of are turning into a picky bottle drinker, meaning you aren't a huge fan of them. You usually come around because you're hungry, but you definitely show your unhappiness in the process. Mom can't be around all the time, so you better snap out of it! ;)

We love you Spenc, it seems like you've been in our lives forever! Our family is definitely complete now that you're here!


3 month Gordo pic

It's already begun...they knew I wanted a shot of them in their brother shirts and this is what they do, sigh.

Ta-dah! Big Bro/Lil' Bro shirts!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Bouncing Birthday!

Turning 3 is so much fun, especially when you have friends to bounce with! Marshall and his favorite bud, Egan, have the joy of celebrating their birthdays together every year! So when both of their mommies had babies months before, we opted to divide and conquer the celebration this year. It could not have been more perfect and the boys had a blast!

Whitney posted a fabulous recap on her blog, I recommend you check it out to get the full scoop, here.

Like father, like son

Go Lisa Go! (with Jack)

Preston and Egan


The Dodd girls brave the hurricane machine!

Gana and Grandma with Spencer

The birthday boys on their "thrown"

Elvis has left the building...