Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Spencer!

Happy 1/2 birthday, sweet baby boy! Ever since we had your brother, I realized that 6 months is one of my favorite baby milestones because from here on out, it just gets more fun with each day...and you are no exception! Your personality is in full swing and you are one happy little boy! You are busy and have become very aware of your world, like when mommy leaves the room or you aren't near the dinner table when we're eating. You demand to be included and are happy to see when mommy comes back.

We had your 6 month check-up and here's your stats:
Weight: 17.7lb - 50%
Height: 27-7/8" - 90%
Head: 17" - 35%

Eating - you eat four times a day and are still breastfeeding, but we introduced formula last month since your appetite far surpasses your mama's supply. You took to it like a champ and now you enjoy both.

You had the pleasure of spending a long weekend just with your daddy, while I went on a girls trip to Destin and you brother stayed with Gana and Papa for a little bit. It was a good time for you to bond with your daddy and he reaped the fruits of your sleepiness. :)

I took this right before I left for Destin, melt my heart...

You and Marshall are starting to interact much more, you think he's hysterical!

You still love your thumb, even if your paci gets stuck in it

My boys

You got to meet your Uncle Adam for the 1st time last month, you would drool right on cue!
Christmas in July with your penguin jammies!

6 month pic with Gordo

You are up on your knees all the time and it sends your mother into a panic - STOP IT!! I fear we will have another early crawler, sigh.

busy, busy, busy

Spencer, you bring us tremendous joy and we just adore your easy, friendly nature! It's a pleasure to be your mommy and I am so thankful for a happy, healthy little make my heart smile!

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