Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spencer's 4 months old

You're 4 months old and things are starting to get more fun in your world! A couple of things have happened in the last found your feet, your voice and you rolled over for the first time!

You are a little smitten with your feet! Every time you catch a glimpse of them you either start panting or "clucking" as you reach for are a man on a mission. You've also become quite the screamer whether you are happy or sad. It's funny to see you find your range and sometimes you surprise yourself with how loud you can squeal. So cute...for now.

You rolled over for the first time at 3.5 months when we were out at the farm house with Gana and Papa. You were on the floor and we were all busy painting the living room when Papa found you on your tummy. We rolled you back onto your back and you quickly rolled to your tummy from your left side. Initially you weren't too thrilled with your new position, but you've been doing well with tummy time ever since. The little play mat is one of your favorite spots and you are quite the aggressive grabber of what's near by...a toy, someone's face, hair, etc.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all this thumb sucking!?! It makes your mama crazy!

Your 4 month stats (basically the exact same as your brother at this age, crazy!)
Weight: 15lb 13oz - 75%
Height: 25-3/4" - 80%
Head: 16-3/8" - 30%

We love you buddy!

4 month picture for Gordo

"Look how much I've grown!"

Zoos make me sleepy...

Your usual position...thumb in mouth, cuddling a blanket, sigh.

An action shot after you rolled over for the first time, just a little stressed out!

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