Friday, May 18, 2012

3 months old

Mr. Spencer,
Well, look who's 3 months old!?! My how you've don't have a well baby appt so I don't have any stat updates, but I know you're growing because you can't wear any of the 0-3 month stuff anymore, tear.

You are still sleeping like a champ, you're up to 12 hours a night 8am-8pm. This makes your daddy VERY happy! We also transitioned you out of sleeping in the swing at night and now you're sleeping in your crib for naps and nighttime! You have started tracking everyone in the room much more and your brother is always your favorite target! You always give him big smiles and a few chuckles. When you laugh it literally fills my heart, so adorable!!! You are definitely a social butterfly, always asking to be in the middle of things. We sit you in the bumbo seat on top of the kitchen table when we eat and you are in heaven, smiling at everyone and watching how this whole eating thing works. Speaking of are turning into a picky bottle drinker, meaning you aren't a huge fan of them. You usually come around because you're hungry, but you definitely show your unhappiness in the process. Mom can't be around all the time, so you better snap out of it! ;)

We love you Spenc, it seems like you've been in our lives forever! Our family is definitely complete now that you're here!


3 month Gordo pic

It's already begun...they knew I wanted a shot of them in their brother shirts and this is what they do, sigh.

Ta-dah! Big Bro/Lil' Bro shirts!!!

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