Friday, July 20, 2012

Spencer - 5 months old!

Five months old, already!!! You look so grown up with more hair coming in and your chubby cheeks disappearing, so sad! I want time to slow down so I can soak in your babyness...a mom can dream!

When you're playing, you prefer to stay on your tummy these days and take in the world. You can roll onto your stomach both ways, but haven't quite mastered getting to your back again. The way you occasionally move your feet and knees in this position make me realize we are on borrowed time. You'll probably be crawling in a month or two like your brother...I need a moment....

You smile all. the. time. It's a true joy to anyone you just beam at them like they are your new best friend. It's precious! You love to laugh and your brother can really get you going anytime he comes near. You are crazy ticklish, and the laughs that come from it melt our hearts. The absolute joy and ease that you possess are sweet treasures to us.

Things you like...anything that crackles, sleep, your thumb, Maggie and being outside.
Things you don't like...being startled (you are kinda jumpy,) dirty diapers and being hungry.

This past month you got to meet your Uncle Andy for the first time, sorry I didn't get a picture. But you gave him the crazy infant "no blinking stare" that he loves to was obviously love at first sight! You get to meet your Uncle Adam for the first time this week, I know he's really excited about all your drool. :)

5 month pic with Gordo

Mom, should I be snuggling with this gorilla?

My little mini-me

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