Friday, August 17, 2012


Before the summer slips away, I wanted to post a couple of "firsts" Marshall has experienced in his short 3 year life!

Potty training! He did great thanks to the "3-Day Potty Training Method"

First time hanging a shelf with daddy

His first "last day of school" - he LOVES Ms. Jackie!

And ADORES Ms. Lucy!

First time learning how to catch a baby frog

and how to let them go...

This wasn't his 1st Smore, but just too cute to pass up!

First time playing with sparklers

First time to stay up and watch the July 4th fireworks (with our community group friends)

The kids were in awe of the fireworks
(Andi, Camryn, Marshall & Allie)

It's been an amazing summer and we're excited about getting back to the school year schedule. Marshall will be going to Mothers Day Out 2 days a week this year and will begin the children's program at Watermark during my women's bible study. I can't wait to see how much he learns and grows, sweet little boy!

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